Chili Bread

chili_breadChili bread is made some what spicy, It goes great with soups and white meats like chicken or turkey. It can of course be eaten alone as a spicy comfort food or dipped in marinara sauce for a little sweetness. A few variations in the recipe come and go. Beer can be added to the loaf, cheddar cheese which changes the name to cheddar chili bread. Its not a good ideal to make a pot of chili and fold it into some dough then bake it in the oven. A bread machine, or bread pan and oven set on 400 degrees for 3 to 3 and a half hours depending on the oven will work. Hot chili oil and ground cayenne pepper are the main ingredients that give this dish its kick your butt flavor.

Most of the ingredients are dry and should be put into the bread machine by order according to the manufacturer instructions. The white or french bread settings are the best options for this type of loaf. Roasted garlic chili bread a delicious variation to the original uses roasted garlic paste, and roasted red chili flakes instead of plain chili powder. Shape the dough for this type of chili bread like a french loaf cutting some slanted slits in the top to give that fancy textured appearance. A normal loaf pan works just as well but the garlic does call for a little something extra. Cheese can be added to this one as well.

Flour, whole wheat and all purpose, olive oil, active dry yeast and sugar make the bread. The rest are seasonings of the makers choice and vary from heat levels. Most people make chili with meat, beans, fresh tomato’s, fresh onions, fresh peppers, and spices but chili bread has really only the chili spices. A nice bowl of black bean soup along with a huge chunk of chili bread with satisfy that deep down hunger and have you snoring in no time. Chili bread is a filling dish as is any bread, with the right side kick it can be the perfect meal.