chili-biscuitsChili biscuits a dish prominent throughout the South and Southwestern parts of the United States. It’s common to prepare Chili Biscuits with cheese and those choices are endless. Traditionally, buttermilk biscuits are the most popular among biscuit eaters. However, when considering biscuits most people associate them a part of breakfast. Usually bread complements the other components of breakfast, like eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. If biscuits were categorized, chili biscuits would definitely fit in that category. To truly know how this particular biscuit type has impacted the general public, one must look and it origin and its transformation. We all know that for decades chili cook-offs have been a great American pastime, and the combination of the chili biscuit takes interest to a whole new level.

Chili biscuits could definitely fit in the category of exotic biscuits, especially in American culture. Many people consider this biscuit just as tasty and flavorful as almond, chocolate, fruit and herb biscuits. In the southwest many breakfast dishes are very spicy and hot. The chili biscuit is a bread that complements any morning dish. The biscuit is very easy to make, containing all of the basic ingredients with chili added in the recipe. In recent years, due to population migration and change in food taste, chili biscuits have become very popular with west coast consumers.

Chili biscuits can be defined as a food definitely outside of the normal biscuit, that has grown in popularity over the past several years. The demographic of the consumer has definitely shifted. With the increase of cable network shows on cooking, the general public have learned many different ways of preparing chili. The combination of the biscuit with a good chili has paved the way for a new found popularity for the chili biscuit. This shows that food popularity is not just based upon healthier eating, tradition, but also exotic taste.